Late Jugmander Das Agrawal


Late Prakash Chandra Agrawal

The trust has been named after two brothers Shri Prakash Chand and Shri Jugmander Das.

To recapitulate, the first member of the family was Late Shri Mangat Ram who was stated to be the Diwan of a small state in Pakistan. He had to migrate as he fell foul of British in 1857. A few generation down the line was born Lala Keshav Rai who migrated to “Sarsa” district Allahabad in about 1931 to set up a flourishing business. He had four sons and three daughters. The sons were Shri Prakash Chandra, Shri Rajendra Prasad, Shri Mahavir Prasad and Shri Jugmander Das. Shri Jugmander Das had two sons and two daughters, namely, Shri Ved Prakash Agrawal, Shri Ashok Kumar, Smt. Saroj and Dr. Shanno. Shri Prakash Chand, having no issue of his own, adopted informally Shri Ved Prakash and Smt. Saroj.

Late Prakash Chandra Agrawal belonged to village Amilahwa, Post-Sarsa, Dist-Allahabad. He was active in public welfare activities, he died in the Year 1978. Shri Jugmander Das Agrawal was his younger brother. He expired in the Year 1993.



Late Ved Prakash Agrawal


Smt Gayatri Devi Agrawal

Late Shri Ved Prakash was married to Smt. Gayatri Devi daughter of Late Shri Sitaram Agrawal and Smt. Bittan Devi who hailed from Allahabad city.

Considering that both of the brothers were held in esteem by the village community and had made an impact on the social life of local populace, the whole concept of Trust in the fond memory of Shri Prakash Chand and Shri Jugmander Das, was developed by Shri Manmohan Agrawal, eldest son of Late Shri Ved Prakash Agrawal and hence the name of trust. Accordingly, Late Shri Ved Prakash and Smt. Gayatri Devi settled this trust in favor of following trustees namely Shri Gopal Das Agrawal, Shri Jagadish Prasad Agrawal (younger brothers of Smt Gayatri Devi), Shri Man Mohan Agrawal, their son and Shri Ramesh Chand Agrawal (a native of Sarsa and family friend).


The trust is dedicated towards the welfare of the public at large within the district of Allahabad as its principal area of operation. Although the objectives are manifold, currently the trust is focused upon education and Medicare by providing scholarships to needy students, organizing essay competitions, helping schools/institutions by funding infrastructure such as water coolers, sanitary facilities etc.


The trust is being managed by a wide board with persons of integrity and competence and within a short period of approximately 9 Years of active operations committed a sum of Rs. 191 Lakhs towards its avowed objectives.


Year 2020-21 was a very low activity year on account of Covid-19. During Pandemic, the Trust lost Dr Rita Purwar, a Trustee and its Key person Shri S. K. Nandi.